(Q) My clock is off but the water is still running?

(A) That could be a hanging (stuck) valve or a broken mainline. First and foremost you need to stop the water from running. Often there is a main shut off before the valves turn that to the right. If you cannot find the shut-off or able to turn it off - Contact me

(Q) Why will one valve not come on but others will?

(A) There are many reasons why a valve will not come on. Most often it is a solenoid. it could also be a nick in the control wire or a malfunctioning clock. Occasionally I find that a zone is turned off at the clock. Before contacting me check your clock to make sure that zone has time on it and has not been turned off. If the problem persists contact Brevard Sprinkler Repairto schedule the necessary repair.

Sprinkler FAQs

(Q) I have the clock on but nothing is coming on?

(A) There are several possible reasons for this. The clock is malfunctioning, a nick in a control wire, pump has "froze up" or as easy as the reclaim in your area is not on.Contact meto diagnose the problem and get the needed water back to your turf and shrubs.

(Q) Why do I have big brown dead areas in my lawn?

(A) Dry dead spots are one of the most common complains we receive. many different problems can be the cause but the most common are clogged/miss aligned/ broken heads, inappropriate schedule or broken control valves. A good idea is for you to check your system monthly to make sure the heads have not become clogged with debris or covered with grass. Contact us today for a complete professional inspection.

(Q) How long do I have to wait for you to service my system?

Call me as soon as you know you need me. Occasionally during the dry season I have a backlog but I will schedule you and be there when I say. I highly recommend all our customers schedule a maintenance inspection at least twice a year.

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